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*Beginners start here...

*Dr Ralph Wilson

A down to earth, common sense approach. Although based in the USA, Dr Wilson addresses international issues as well.

*Sherpa Weekly

Recommended for those with a need to understand marketing and sales as practiced on the Internet. Excellent case study material.

*Credit Card Processing

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


Of interest to those targeting the US market. Use classifieds to buy, sell or advertise a wide range of goods. If you are even semi-serious, you will probably want to take out a 'Gold' membership.



A range of material for beginners to intermediate. Well established and the writers have plenty of practical experience in applying what they propose.

*Marketing Sherpa

This gives the full range of publications by Marketing Sherpa of which Sherpa Weekly is one.  Provides e-mail publications for more specific interests.

*Developers and service providers

*Proposal Kits

Proposal and quote templates for use with Internet projects.

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